Trí Spatial Planning is a purpose driven consultancy that applies the 3 pillars of sustainable development to our balanced decision making – Environmental | Social | Economic.

Spatial planning builds on traditional town planning principles and is the established common approach to planning practice across Europe. Compared with other regulatory land-use planning approaches, it is distinctive for: encouraging long-term strategic visions; improved integration across sectoral plans and activity; greater integration of technical & scientific information; balancing environmental, social and economic factors in achieving sustainable development; and advancing engagement with the public and stakeholders.

We bridge the gap between science and policy, integrate research into practice and apply a holistic approach to planning.

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Marcus Foth, Queensland University of Technology and Mirko Guaralda, Queensland University of Technology Peter Jackson employed an intricate approach to the stage design of Lord of the Rings. The people who inhabited Middle Earth for hundreds of generations slowly left cultural traces, alterations, artefacts and remnants of their human existence on the environment. For example,