Trí is the Irish meaning for three. The name embraces the heritage and foundation of this consultancy.

Every decision has a consequence. At Trí Spatial Planning we apply the three pillars of sustainable development to our balanced decision making – Environmental | Social | Economic.

We apply a holistic approach to planning that goes beyond minimum standards; an approach that embraces innovation, science and knowledge and contributes to the continued improvement of our society. We are spatial planners.

We apply our skills in shaping economic, social, cultural, and ecological dimensions of society for the betterment of the environment through spatial, holistic and sustainable decision making.






To preserve the natural equilibrium, regenerate degraded environments, and create sustainable places.

Planning is involved in every aspect of life: it dictates where we live and what we live in, how we travel and where we travel to, where we work, where we meet people and where we get away from people – it sources and relocates our water, waste and energy – it is part of our everyday life and continues to make decisions that affect the environment and space we live in.

Spatial planning builds on traditional town planning principles and is the established common approach to planning practice across Europe. Compared with other regulatory land-use planning approaches, it is distinctive for: encouraging long-term strategic visions; improved integration across sectoral plans and activity; greater integration of technical & scientific information; balancing environmental, social and economic factors in achieving sustainable development; and advancing engagement with the public and stakeholders.

This holistic approach is paramount to creating a sustainable society for today and for future generations.

We want to influence planning decisions which are holistic, actually integrate sustainability at all levels of decision making, and create places that maintain the natural equilibrium of our environment.





Our company / Director undertakes the following action to implement a sustainable environment in our work and day-to-day life:

  • We undertake our banking with Bank Australia – a responsible banking organisation.
  • We undertake the majority of our travel to and from work, site inspections and meetings via: public transport / walking / cycling.
  • We undertake the majority of our work electronically and predominately operate without printing paper.
  • We advocate for sustainable outcomes in the cases we work on, including: increasing the energy efficiency and internal design of buildings, bicycle parking/shower facilities for commercial facilities, on-site renewable energy systems, sustainable waste practices, increased greening of sites, and site-specific stormwater management.
  • We continuously research and increase knowledge on: causes, effects and responses to climate change, sustainable urban, regional and coastal planning outcomes, improved building design, and the creation of pedestrian/bicycle friendly, happy, inclusive, and sustainable communities.
  • Neil has a vegetarian/plant based diet, reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, soil and waterway degradation, and land clearing.
  • Neil is a former committee member of the Australian Coastal Society, contributing to State and Local policy and issues in the coastal and marine environment.






Neil Cooney | Director 

Neil is an environmental planner with over thirteen years’ experience in Australia and Ireland, encompassing the areas of sustainable development, conservation, environmental protection, education and advocacy.

Neil believes in realising sustainable outcomes through achieving best practice standards, incorporating innovative solutions, balancing the needs of society with the environment and continued research & education.

He is a member of the Victorian Environmental and Planning Law Association, a corporate member of the Irish Planning Institute and a member of the Living Future Institute Australia. He holds a Master of Science in Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Spatial Planning. Prior to Trí Spatial Planning, Neil worked in multiple roles at Moreland City Council and as an Executive Planner at Sean Lucy & Associates Ireland. He has continually provided his professional services in the areas of coastal and marine planning as a volunteer for the Irish Surfing Association and the Australian Coastal Society.

We are strong believers in continued education and learning. Recently completed training, courses and seminars include:

  1. BESS Certified Professional – Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment
  2. Green Infrastructure Training – Do it on the roof
  3. ECOCITY World Summit – Melbourne 2017
  4. CoastAdapt Training – National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
  5. Understanding ESD – Planning Institute of Australia
  6. Land Law for Coastal Authorities – The Public Land Consultancy
  7. Climate Change – The University of Melbourne / Coursera
  8. Building Sustainability – The University of Melbourne
Professional Summary Download.