Trump International Golf Links, Doonbeg, Ireland

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Engaged by the Irish Surfing Association (ISA) to assess the potential environmental and visual impacts of the construction of a sea wall along the coastline adjacent Trump International Golf Links.The sea wall was proposed by the operators of Trump International Golf Links. The ISA were extremely concerned of the detrimental impacts this construction would cause on the environment.

The proposed sea wall extended for a length of 2.8km, up to 6m in height, and 15-20m in depth.

The development included the installation of up to 145,000m3 of rock armour, sheet piling into the dune system, and ancillary construction works.



Undertook an assessment of all construction drawings, associated technical expert reports (including flood projections, engineering reports, ecological and visual assessments) and the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Our review and final report consisted of a 30-page detailed assessment of the proposal, including assessment against relevant policy and legislation. Our report also reviewed the proposal against national and European coastal management practices and guidelines. The report also included reference case-studies, as well as extensive academic and scientific material.

Our report concluded that the proposal would be significant in terms of size, visual impact, environmental impact, temporal scale and consequence to the site and surrounding area. We recommended that the proposal not be supported based on the conclusions that it did not accord with the relevant policies and guidance and the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. In addition, the proposed development contradicted modern coastal zone management, which is supported by factual scientific information and extensive field research of past cases.

A full copy of our report can be accessed here(Report prepared under previous company name URC Planning).