Townhouse / Heritage Response, Northcote

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Proposal for part demolition and construction of four double storey townhouses on a site located within a Neighbourhood Residential 1 Zone, with three development overlays applying: Design and Development Overlay 14 and two Heritage Overlays; HO145 and HO97.

The fine urban grain characteristic of the area provided an opportunity for side-by-side terraced townhouses but required a considered streetscape response.

Bounded by heritage protected cottages on one side and an individually heritage listed Primitive Methodist Church on the other,necessitated a sympathetic design response that ‘fitted in’ with the streetscape but did not dominate views or result in mock heritage.

Each dwelling includes a vertical fine-grain response with traditional narrow frontages respecting the existing character of of the area. Their design takes cue from the rhythm and spacing of the adjoining terraced cottages, whilst the gable-fronted pitched roofs are a respectful acknowledgement of the adjoining church.





Capacity: Trí Spatial Planning

  • Provided planning policy and design advice for the proposal.
  • Prepared supporting planning reports submitted with the application including heritage and housing policy discussion.
  • Provided strategic justification for the proposal to Council.
  • Coordinated the landscape architect response to ensure a suitable planting and irrigation design was achieved, without compromising other key items.