Our past work includes:

  • Preparation & Review of Environmental Impact Statements,
  • Climate Change Research,
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design,
  • Placemaking and Social Planning,
  • Development & Design Review,
  • Coastal Infrastructure, Policy & Conservation,
  • Preparation & Coordination of Planning Permit Applications,
  • Advocacy at VCAT & Planning Panels,
  • Stakeholder Engagement,
  • Strategic & Master Planning,
  • Interpretation of Planning & Environmental Policy / Legislation.


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We work with architects, designers and Councils in the creation of new places and reinvigoration of others through Placemaking, Statutory Planning and Strategic Planning.

Providing policy and design advice from conception stage, we prepare site specific planning reports for submission to Council along with planning permit applications.

We can bring vital knowledge and experience to any project team involved in coastal or marine management.

Our Director holds a Master of Science in Marine Spatial Planning and has extensive experience working in this area, including: coastal infrastructure, sea-level rise, coastal processes, inter-tidal processes, climate change policy, coastal inundation, coastal zone management, coastal and marine policy, and conservation.

Our extensive professional experience across public, private and community organisations, as well as continued education and professional development, provides a strong platform to work will all sectors of society, influence sustainable outcomes and change policy direction for the better. We have extensive experience in engagement with all sectors and stakeholders.

We have extensive Australian and International experience working with all aspects of planning and environmental policy. We know how to achieve the outcomes desired.

Does policy achieve its intended outcome? We test policy on a daily basis at Councils and VCAT; providing a thorough understanding of the outcomes achieved by existing policy and knowledge of where to create future policy to be more robust.

Policy development is a multi-faceted aspect of planning; the correct wording and framing of policy can make a significant difference to outcomes.

We can step in at any stage of policy review; incorporating our technical and practical knowledge, as well as bridging the gap between science, engineering and planning policy.

We represent all parties at VCAT and Planning Panels – Councils, applicants and concerned residents.


Climate change is a significant consideration for planning decision makers. Our Director, Neil Cooney, has extensive knowledge of the science and consequences of climate change, having focused on this issue as part of his Masters research topic.

Neil has both a Bachelor’s (Spatial Planning) and Master’s Degree (Marine Spatial Planning) in Science, a scientific understanding sets him apart from most urban planners in Melbourne. These skills, along with practical experience, makes him an integral part of any team preparing policy and planning responses to climate change.



ESD is much more than providing a report to Council and ‘ticking’ the box. It is an integral part of the design and thought process of new buildings, from conception stage through to operation stage. ESD integrates seven principle objectives by which ‘best practice’ is determined

  • Energy performance
  • Water resources
  • Indoor environment quality
  • Stormwater management
  • Transport
  • Waste management
  • Urban ecology

ESD is not met solely through an architectural or engineering approach – it requires a holistic response, one which incorporates planning, architectural and engineering innovation and solutions to achieve best practice for all ESD objectives.

For low-medium density proposals, we work with architects and designers to prepare site specific and policy responsive sustainable design reports which ensure best practice ESD is integrated into the design response.

For higher density proposals, we work with architects, designers and specialised ESD engineers from conception stage to ensure best practice ESD is fully integrated into the design. We prepare comprehensive ESD Reports which also incorporate specialised responses from ESD engineers and the project architect.

We stand out from conventional ESD consultants; combining planning expertise with a technical ability to achieve sustainable outcomes.

We work with architects, building designers, engineers and landscape architects to integrate the principles of Biophilic Design into a development. We achieve this by including elements that nurture the innate human/nature connection.